The 'Take - Away' ... This little trick will get your phone ringing off the hook!

Remember back to when you were a child and the very first time your beloved furry little friend mysteriously disappeared and didn’t come home one day. You spent days calling out to your best friend and it was only then that you realized just how much you appreciated and loved your little buddy, right? Then think back to another time, perhaps with the same pet, when your furry little friend FINALLY came home! Remember how excited you were to see him again?

quotes_leftYou don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s GONE!”

How about your cell phone? Or, God forbid, your internet connection should go on the blink! It’s only when it is gone that you realize how much you took it for granted and when it resumes, even if for a brief moment, you are grateful for it’s existence and appreciate it just a little bit more.

It’s the same concept behind marketing. We call it ‘the take away’ maneuver. We’ve strategically created Sports Calendar Postcards that you can mail your clients every month not just to provide them with something of perceived value, but more strategically as an excuse to get them to contact you! That’s right. “How can even the most professionally, creatively designed calendar motivate someone to call me?”, you may be asking. Here’s the secret. It’s not the calendar, but the ‘missing calendar’ that gets their attention.

SUCCESS TIP – Simply mail out your ABC Holiday Calendars, Sports Calendar Postcards, Health Tips Cards, etc. religiously every month like clockwork (or for more of an impact and effect, every week) conditioning your clients to get accustomed to getting them on a regular basis. Until one day…poof…it’s gone! Clients have told us they couldn’t put their finger on it, but they felt like something was missing. They told us they literally started looking for it every single day as if looking for a long awaited ‘check in the mail’. Their subconscious mind had become so conditioned to receiving something on a regular basis, that they only took notice when it was gone!

So, mail out your ABC Calendars January, February, March and ‘accidentally on purpose’ skip May and watch your phone ring off the hook! Agents have reported to us that it only took 1 week and their phones rang off the hook from clients asking, “Where’s my Calendar?”! It was the ‘perfect storm’. This gave them the perfect opportunity to get a face to face meeting with them.

So, when your phone rings off the hook, thank them for noticing that you ‘forgot to mail’ their calendar (be sure and use the word ‘their’ as it denotes ownership) and will be happy to drop one off in person. Your goal is not to ‘Mass Mail’ or ‘Market At’ people, but ‘Connect With’ each and every person on a personal, in person, heart to heart level.

We here at ABC Master Marketing specialize in little ‘ticks of the trade’ like this one; so if you want to get the edge on your competition, tell your Manager/Broker about us and contact us to schedule a time to meet with your Manager/Broker so we can share these tips at your next sales meeting. If he/she loves our marketing and invites us in, you’ll get a nice referral gift from us as a special thank you!

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