quotes_leftWhat’s the SECRET to Being a Top Producer? STOP Being a ‘SECRET AGENT’!” 

We create a customized, personalized marketing campaign specifically tailored for YOU, your properties, and your target neighborhoods to show that you truly care about your clients and community.  We’ll help you Become a Brand New ‘BRAND YOU’ and help you go from being a ‘Secret Agent’ to being a Top Producer in no time leaving your competition without a clue!

Not too keen on ‘Cold Calling’ or ‘Door Knocking’? Great! Now you don’t have to! Now you can let your ABC Master Marketing Brochures and Postcards do the ‘calling’ and ‘knocking’ for you. We specifically design your marketing pieces with colorful humorous (and, yes, we have conservative images, too, to appease even the most ‘stern’ of your clients:) to grab your reader’s attention and get them to literally CALL YOU!  This is a good thing, because did you know that you can be fined up to $11,000 per incident by calling someone who has registered their name and number with the FTC? Don’t let that happen to you. Click on the ‘National Do Not Call Registry Link’ to learn more.

Not to worry…ABC Master Marketing provides you with a way around all the ‘Do Not Call Lists’. We strategically create your ABC Marketing Tools to do the ‘calling’ for you. We design all of your marketing pieces so you can hand them to prospective clients, mail them to your farms and past clients, or email them to your entire client data base.

New to the area and don’t have addresses in your database yet?  You can do a ‘Demographics Search’ and have your ABC Designs mailed out for you!

Currently using a great company who mails your postcards for you?  Great!  Because we GIVE YOU THE COPY WRITES to all your designs means you can CHOOSE WHO PRINTS and MAILS them!  That’s right!  Simply upload any of your new ABC Designs to the company you’re currently using to mail your postcards and not miss a beat! Because you’re now in control and have the freedom to choose who prints YOUR ABC Designs, means you can choose a WHOLESALE printer…saving you literally $1,000’s of dollars.

Contact us now to discover who offers the most affordable printing today!  “Knowledge is Power!”

quotes_leftKnowledge is power; but even more so is knowing when to admit that you don’t even know what you don’t know!”  -Bella Chartrand

Would you like to help us help you? Agents just like you have introduced us to their Brokers who LOVED our marketing so much they reimbursed their agents 100% because they literally tripled their listings in just 6 months! So we were hoping you could help us do the same and introduce us to YOUR Broker (and YOU can be the HERO for YOUR office!). Simply introduce yourself below so we can set a FREE 15 minute consultation with YOUR BROKER and get invited in to your next sales meeting.  You just might be the LUCKY AGENT to win the MOST POPULAR of your ABC Designs, your ‘Personalized Postcard Program’, via the FUN RAFFLE DRAWING at your meeting! 

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