Still Toying with DIY Templates? Ask yourself, "What's Your Time Worth?"

We call these companies, ‘Cookie Cutter Advertising’. All you have to do is fill in your personal info and download your photo and voila! You have a great looking marketing piece, Right?! And so does every other agent who bought that same program…all sending out the exact same postcards. You don’t want to send out the EXACT SAME Marketing pieces that EVERY OTHER AGENT in the neighborhood is sending out, do you? Of course not! You want to be Different…Unique…You want YOUR LISTINGS to STAND OUT. If you were the seller, shouldn’t you expect your realtor to market YOUR home so it stands out from all the rest?  Shouldn’t YOU stand apart from all the other agents?  Of course, if you want to GET NOTICED and GET YOUR LISTINGS SOLD.

Think about this.  You’re competing with 100’s of other agents in your area for the same buyers and sellers and you NEED an EDGE. With your new ABC MASTER MARKETING campaign of more than 5,000 brochures and postcards, you will have the EDGE you need to Stand Out from all the other agents who are all using the same ‘Cookie Cutter Advertising’.

Contact us today so we can help you stand out from the crowd.  Contact us now so we can create your ABC Marketing Design FOR YOU so you NEVER, EVER, EVER again have to waste your time ‘Tinkering’ and ‘Toying’ with templates.  By contacting us and letting us do the work FOR YOU, you’ll soon discover just how true it is that…


Time is Money!”

Would you like to help us help you? Agents just like you have introduced us to their Brokers who LOVED our marketing so much they reimbursed their agents 100% because they literally tripled their listings in just 6 months! So we were hoping you could help us do the same and introduce us to YOUR Broker (and YOU can be the HERO for YOUR office!). Simply introduce yourself below so we can set a FREE 15 minute consultation with YOUR BROKER and get invited in to your next sales meeting.  You just might be the LUCKY AGENT to win the MOST POPULAR of your ABC Designs, your ‘Personalized Postcard Program’, via the FUN RAFFLE DRAWING at your meeting! 

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