Where can I see samples of your Designs?

Per request of the agents who, like you, have bought our marketing and wish to keep their PERSONALIZED ABC DESIGNS just that…UNIQUE & PERSONALIZED…and so others can’t copy your ABC DESIGNS, we, for obvious reasons, don’t show samples on our website.  If you’re curious to see some of our Creative Designs, simply CONTACT US HERE and we’ll set up a time to meet with your Broker/Manager to get invited into your next sales meeting where you can see 1,000’s of samples first hand so you can see how professional you will look with your new ABC Master Marketing tools.

How can I order and get started with my ABC Marketing Package?

Contact us and we’ll set up a time to meet with your Broker/Manager to get invited into your next sales meeting where you can get your ABC Master Marketing at a Discounted Rate.

I've lost my initial CD when I bought my ABC Marketing; where can I get another one?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to email you the same Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) that was on your initial CD we gave you at your sales meeting when you purchased your ABC Master Marketing Package.

How do I make changes to my ABC Master Marketing Designs?

Getting changes made is EASY!  Simply email us and let us know what changes you want made to your ABC Designs and we’ll do it for you!

Do you print my ABC Designs?

We do one better for you.  We give you the COPYWRITES to your ABC Designs that we create for you so you can choose a WHOLESALE printer which saves you up to 75-90% off what other RETAIL PRINTERS that lock you into their ‘Print Monopoly’ are charging. HELPFUL HINT: You never want the person who designs your marketing to do the actual printing because they then have TOTAL CONTROL of you and your design and can charge you HIGH RETAIL PRINT PRICES because they own your design and won’t let you take it somewhere else to have printed cheaper…aka a ‘PRINT MONOPOLY’.

Do you come up with the content for my ABC Brochures?

YES! That’s the reason so many TOP PRODUCING AGENTS all over the country LOVE US and come on board with us.  They love the fact that WE create ALL YOUR ABC Designs FOR YOU INCLUDING the content for YOUR BIO BROCHURE!  You just fill out a simple questionnaire and we create 5,000+ Marketing tools and designs for you….all with YOUR PHOTO and PERSONAL INFO sprinkled throughout.  This saves you time and effort and let’s you RELAX and get out there doing what you get paid for…getting listings!

Can you help me finish a design I've been working on?

YES!  The reason so many TOP PRODUCING AGENTS all over the country LOVE US and come on board with us is because we not only create fabulous ABC Designs for you from scratch, but we also work with you on your own designs while letting you have CREATIVE CONTROL at all times!  You can send us a design you’ve been working on for years and we’ll wrap it up for you and help you get it out to your clients in no time!  Simply email your design idea here.

I'm tired of 'toying with templates'; are your designs different and more personalized?

YES!  Your ABC Marketing Tools are PERSONALIZED, CUSTOMIZED Designs created specifically for YOU and your PERSONAL STYLE and PERSONALITY. There’s noone like you, so we SHOWCASE all the wonderful things about YOU that set you apart from all the other Realtors out there using the same old boring ‘generic templates’.  This is why so many agents like you come on board with us, because we make you look good and create a fabulous marketing campaign JUST FOR YOU, your houses, and your clients that give you the edge over other Top Producing Realtors.  Because we get you noticed, you get the listings!  The best part is we do all the work for you…You never have to ‘toy with another template’ ever again!  Because we work hard for you, you don’t have to!

I LOVE my ABC Designs! Where can I send my letter of recommendation?

We’re so glad you love your ABC DESIGNS!  You can email your letter of recommendation to us here.

I got 3 Years of FREE Changes at our sales meeting; how do I get LIFETIME FREE CHANGES?

CONGRATULATIONS on being 1 of the lucky agents to get ‘3 Years of FREE Changes’ at your sales meeting!  Simply email us a letter of how much you LOVE your ABC Master Marketing Designs and we’ll give you LIFETIME FREE CHANGES!